Triona Harrop

A born fitness enthusiast from a very early age, dancing and movement was an innate way of expression.  Inspired by the clients that she works with, she guides and witnesses their true potential as they progress on their personal journey.  her education & certification includes: Stott Pilates Instructor, Mat & Reformer, Baron Baptiste Yoga Certified Instructor, Certified Hot Yoga Instructor, Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor and retired professional dancer.  Triona teaches Hot Yoga, Core, and Reformer.

Triona Harrop instructs the following:
  • Learn how ease of movement and correct body alignment are the keys of improving flexibility, core strength and posture. Discover the importance of breathing, relaxation, control and fluidity all within one exercise program. Fusing the Pilates Method with yoga & conditioning principles.

  • Morning Fitness
  • Tues/Thurs 6am with Triona
    Bootcamp-style class
    Cardio - Core - Sculpting - Interval Training
    6 weeks / 2x per week
    $220+hst w/10 pack of studio classes

  • Practiced in a room heated to a temperature of 40°C. A great practice for BEGINNERS because of the basic sequencing of poses designed for the more intense environment. In this 60 minute sequence designed by the Dynamic Yoga family of studios, stretch deeper, detox mind and body. And you have a little extra time to relax too!

  • Reformer

  • Reformer
  • A resistance based Pilates machine that dramatically strengthens and lengthens your body by demanding your core muscles to be isolated throughout the entire workout. This exercise program will transform the way you move and leave you feeling longer, leaner and stronger.

  • You are invited to Follow along with one of our dedicated teachers while they too paractice the concept of Mauna or Maunitva (Sanskrit:means silence, taciturnity silence of the mind, a vow of silence). ** Participants must have a minumum of 6 months Hot Yoga experience in order to take this class.

  • WARM YIN YOGA (deep stretch)
  • In a moderately heated room, this class offers a more meditative style that works on the connective tissues in the body. This style is great for improving flexibility, while maintaining joint mobility and bone health. The room is heated to 90 degrees.

  • A DFI signature service, created by owner Dave MacEachern. This truly dynamic class combines all the best that DYNAMIC FITNESS has to offer. This hot class is designed to boost your metabolism, burn calories and take you to your 'ATHLETIC' edge!  HOT ATHLETICA is a 45-minute mix of high-intensity cardio intervals, strength training, core work, and power yoga in the warmth of 95 degrees.