Meg Leonard

Meg's passion for fitness was sparked as a teenager and has since become a wildfire. Discovering the confidence and endless benefits of dedicating to a healthy lifestyle, she became determined to motivate others to do the same. 
Her journey with Dynamic Fitness began four years ago, with a single Hot Athletica class, and she was hooked. She quickly set the goal to become certified, with teaching Hot Athletica foremost in her mind.
With the incredible support, encouragement, and a little pushing from her Dynamic family, she completed her canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Certification and is now proudly a part of the team of instructors at Dynamic Fitness.
Conquering challenges and accomplishing goals fuels the fire in Meg, and watching her classes and clients do the same inspires her everyday to continue to push herself towards her aspirations. 

Meg Leonard instructs the following:
  • CORE
  • Learn how ease of movement and correct body alignment are the keys of improving flexibility, core strength and posture. Discover the importance of breathing, relaxation, control and fluidity all within one exercise program. Fusing the Pilates Method with yoga & conditioning principles.

  • TO OUR TRAINING CLIENTS:  You must have an Unlimited Training membership & be Logged In with the email we have on file for you in order to sign in for these classes.  With the sessions getting busier, it is imperative that you SIGN UP ONLINE prior to attending class.  If the class reaches capacity & you have not reserved your spot in advance (just like SPIN) you will be turned away.  For the 6:15am classes you must reserve your spot before 8pm the night before - be sure to check the status of this class prior to attending!  If it is your first time trying our ESA Training - our beginner-friendly sessions are Mon/Fri at 9am and Tuesdays at 5:30pm - please call or sign in online in advance, an Essentials Drop-In rate is available.

    With 15 years experience training high caliber athletes & weekend warriors alike, our service stands above the rest:
    • a total body workout through high-intensity interval training
    • strength & speed endurance
    • proper lifting techniques and core stabilizing exercises
    • led by our experienced team of certified instructors
    • facilitates weight loss
    • builds lean muscle mass
    • work hard, see results 
    Founded by Olympic champion Dave MacEachern, ESA Training will provide you with the equipment, instruction and motivation needed to reach beyond your goals. Class content will vary using all types of equipment and fitness accessories.

  • Eli Sport - POWER SPEED

  • ESAXpress
  • Our Morning Fitness program is now available on the Unlimited Training schedule! Our All-Inclusive $149/mo membership gives you full access to all Training & Studio classes. ESAXpress is a 45min bootcamp-style class
    45mins to get your butt in gear for the day!
    Cardio - Core - Sculpting - Interval Training

  • A DFI signature service, created by owner Dave MacEachern. This truly dynamic class combines all the best that DYNAMIC FITNESS has to offer. This hot class is designed to boost your metabolism, burn calories and take you to your 'ATHLETIC' edge!  HOT ATHLETICA is a 45-minute mix of high-intensity cardio intervals, strength training, core work, and power yoga in the warmth of 95 degrees.

  • Eli Sport - POWER SPEED PREP

  • A low impact class designed to break down how the body moves. Infusing yoga, Pilates, and conditioning exercises into one easy to follow format.  This heated class will help you to develop a greater understanding of your center, or core, and how to stretch and tone muscles at the same time.  Suitable for beginners to advanced.