Robert Norton

Originally from England, Robert is the Founder of Norton Arts & Shoto-Chi.  He is the author of Pine-Wave Energy: A Guide to Conflict Resolution, has been inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame and holds a Ph.D. in Martial Science. 
After founding Shoto-Chi at age 17 he has continued to evolve his art over the past 25+ years by focusing on the needs of the individual.  Rob's unique perspective into conflict has allowed him to dynamically change the face of conflict arts by focusing less on fighting and more on conflict management. 
Rob has developed specialized programs over the years for providing individuals to businesses the abilities to manage conflict.  He has become an internationally recognized instructor who has taught around the world.

Robert Norton instructs the following:
  • Sexual Assault Prevention Course
  • Sexual Violence is a serious problem…
    and YOU'RE RIGHT,
    There are no excuses and as a society we must continue to educate that NO means NO. However there is a reality component that cannot be ignored. We can can speak about the problem, we can educate about the problem, but the reality is that it will continue to happen.
    The harmful effects on victims and their family, friends, and communities are long lasting. As much as there are great organizations bringing awareness to the problem and helping the victims of violence, there is no better way to PREVENT it than making ourselves prepared.
    AGAIN, We shouldn't have to, but reality dictates something very different. Proactive education in Sexual Assault Prevention provides you with the knowledge and skills to better identify, avoid and manage these conflict situations.
    On November 23rd, Robert Norton from Norton Arts in partnership with Dynamic Fitness in Charlottetown is putting on a special 2 hour course in this delicate area.
    The course will cover how to better identify threats by learning about situational awareness, how to ideally avoid them and also the reality of having to manage them.
    I plead with you to please learn the skills to…
    Thurs, Nov 23rd // 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    $40+hst per person