Prepare for hot yoga by hydrating prior to class, be on your mat at least 5mins before start time to acclimate to the heat.


Bring yoga mat, towel, & water bottle. We rent mat & towels for $2 each & have filtered taps in the washrooms for your convenience.


Please be on time for class. If you are late, wait outside the door for the teacher to let you in. However, if it is a Hot class, it is best not to be late! Please wait until the previous class has left before entering the room. Please keep showers brief.


If you sign up online for a class and you can no longer make it, please call so we can offer your space to another client. This is most important with Spin since there are only so many bikes.


Make space for your neighbour. Let's remember we are all together in this community (kula) so let’s make it enjoyable for everyone!




  • If you use it, wipe it down! Benches, BOSUs, balls, bars, mats, cardio equipment…etc.
  • Do NOT place water bottles or clothing articles on floor
  • Return all weights/accessories to their proper place! (This can be your active “rest”)
  • Avoid slamming weights & stacks… if you can’t place it down, don’t pick it up!
  • Place sweat/cleaning cloths in laundry bin before leaving
  • As a group, make sure the gym is left the way it was when you arrived… even if you leave early!
  • Indoor shoes are required
  • YOU are responsible for your own weights
  • Garbage goes in the garbage can
  • Work hard, use proper form…HAVE FUN!