The Girls of Power Speed

Soccer, rugby, dance, basketball, hockey, badminton, field hockey, "every sport"

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting in on a recent session with the inspiring girls who train in our Power Speed program.  These are just a few of the sports they participate in throughout the year.  It was obvious from the time I spent with them that they will have success in whatever sport or field they put their mind to!

I was intrigued by this group after seeing their enthusiasm training alongside the male athletes throughout the year.  I wanted to know what it was about the program and about the dynamic of the sessions that appealed to them.

As Eli ran the group through sprint testing, focus and determination set on each face with every attempt at the line.  There was a sense of affirmation and pride at beating their own time.  Their competitive nature was directed at beating their own personal bests, leaving room only for support of their fellow athletes in training. 

After Eli put them through their workout, I sat down to ask the girls what made them want to start training at Dynamic.  While the initial answer was to do better in their sport, the underlying reason that permeated throughout the group was a feeling that they knew they had the ability to be better.  They see their male counterparts excelling in their sport, developing speed & confidence and they were certain they could do the same if not better! 

Turns out they were right, of course!  Since they started training, each of them has felt a difference in their performance and attitude outside of the gym.  Confidence is the most encouraging qualities they have all developed, in all areas of their life!  Increased speed gets them to the ball faster and strength keeps them safe on the field/ice/dance floor.  Eli's advice and encouragement is now always in the back of their mind as they attack their goals, making them think not only about what they are doing but how they are doing it and how they can improve upon it.

Training with Eli is definitely not easy, so I wondered what they enjoyed most about it: 
- The intensity of the workout! 
- Trainers pushing you to do better
& realizing most of the time they are right when you reach your goals!
- Variety of training options & methodologies
- The atmosphere, which is a unique combination of relaxing & intense
- The favourite part of the day

We had considered the possibility of creating a special training time for these girls so they could train separately from the male athletes, they were not interested and I'm inspired by the reasons why!  When training alongside the guys they can compare, not compete, with these other athletes and work on matching their intensity.  It's a welcome change from their sport where they don't have the opportunity to play alongside male athletes.  Training with athletes of different ages and genders they have been able to learn so much about themselves and share what they've learned with the younger generation.  Most encouraging of all is they have found their fellow male athletes in training to be really helpful and supportive of their process!

As we wrapped up the session, one of the athletes wanted to make sure I knew that, for her, coming to training at the end of the day always turned a rough day into a great day.  If this is not reason enough for all of us to make time to workout, I don't know what is!

Thank you so much, ladies, for letting me have a peek into your world!