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Happy Anniversary Shayne #HODY

Shayne has started his 10th year with Dynamic this month, why has he not quit?

Check it out:

Why do I go to Dynamic Fitness?  It is simple, Dynamic changed my life 10 year ago when I first went through the doors.  There has not been a week where I was not challenged with a new exercise to attempt and in the process have managed to stay fit and healthier.

As a "middle aged" business owner with young kids, there was never enough time to work on me.  My "meetings" at noon at Dynamic Fitness are now fixtures in my schedule that I rarely move and allows me to be constantly motivated to not move them.  The results are the I feel great, hopefully look better than I did prior to joining and I am guided by excellent professionals in fitness.  Everyone at Dynamic Fitness is interested in your fitness growth and are quick to work within your capabilities (avoid old guy injuries) and help with areas you wish to improve on.

I look forward to the challenges ahead in my fitness journey at their wonderful new facility on Pownal Street.

Dynamic Fitness

Hearts of Dynamic

What makes Dynamic so special? 


This blog is to honour all the clients & staff, past & present who make & have made Dynamic what it is today! 

You are the beat to our rhythm.