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A Little Piece of Home #HODY

Recognizing how special these two are and the love they have brought to the studio, we are so pleased Klynton & Emily agreed to share their experience!  This committed pair have practiced regularly together at our studio for the last 6 months:

EMILY: I've been practicing yoga on and off for six years now, and after a year-long hiatus I decided that is was time to roll out my mat again.  It was at that time (i.e., last summer) that I asked Klynton if he wanted to try it with me, so we started out doing some yoga flow at home.  It was actually really fun because it motivated me to keep at it, and I was able to help Klynton learn the ropes.  I especially liked that I got to share one of my favourite interests with the person I love.  We've now been practicing regularly with Dynamic for six months and we love it!  I think what I like most about practicing together is that when I'm with him, he helps me to stay grounded and feel like I am safe to explore my limits.  We are both there to support each other through our practice, keep each other motivated, and give each other feedback on our progress.  When we have a really hectic week (as we usually always do) yoga gives us a guaranteed opportunity to spend time together at the end of a hard day.  Overall we just really enjoy doing things together as a couple.  

KLYNTON:  It was on a suggestion from Emily that I began my yoga journey.  After nearly two years of near constant pain and multiple rounds of physiotherapy, we began doing yoga at home.  Emily's previous experience and passion for yoga helped guide my practice, and her encouragement and guidance helped to keep me on course even when pain and frustration seemed the only possible reality.  As my strength and endurance started to grow we decided to take our practice to the next level and start attending classes regularly.  We chose Dynamic because of Emily's previous experience with the classes and instructors, as well as the variety of classes and class times.  Practicing together means that I get to bring a little piece of home with me to every class.  Emily's presence beside me helps push me through the tough moments, and has encouraged my growth in a way that I simply couldn't do on my own.  Her determination and strength make me feel safe and secure in anything I try.  Practicing with someone who knows your strengths and limitations as well as knowing what areas need work, helps in setting goals and staying accountable.  When you live a busy lifestyle in can be easy to let your practice slide down the priorities list, but practicing together helps keep us both accountable, and allows us to spend time together even when we are taking time for ourselves.  The awesome Dynamic community has been a huge addition to our yoga journey.  I can truly say that when I roll out my mat and plunk myself down beside my partner in life and practice, I truly feel at peace and at home.

& Dynamic is truly grateful to be able a part of this couple's loving journey!