Dynamic Fitness

The Couple that Trains Together Stays Together #HODY

Yes, another couple feature!  This pair has brought such awesome energy and enthusiasm to our gym that we just had to share them with you.  Here is what Ricky & Erin have to say about keep it real at Dynamic...

Ricky: I set out 6 months ago to find a place in Charlottetown that could help me reach my fitness goals while teaching me proper posture in all exercises for the best results.  My other focus was finding a place that would give me workouts with a focus on being a better athlete and that's when I found ESA.  I have a passion for the game of golf and I knew once I read about ESA that this would help give me the edge I was looking for moving forward with my game.  After training for 5 months, I've loved it so much that my enthusiasm for the class got my partner, Erin, super excited about taking the next step in her fitness journey.  After talking about what our goals were we knew this was the best fit for us to reach them.  We keep each other motivated during workouts and accountable on those days when we are feeling like sitting on the couch.  I love that I am able to share two of my favorite things (fitness & my love) each night of the week while reaching our goals.  The staff & trainers at Dynamic have been what keeps us going back 5 times a week.  We continuously tell everyone we know about the experience and results we've had already and can't wait to continue our journey with Dynamic.

Erin: If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would be training at Dynamic Fitness I probably would have laughed at them, I never thought I would have the confidence or ability to do it.  My fitness journey began a few years ago when I decided I needed to make some big changes to my fitness and overall health.  I always enjoyed working out and have tried many different things, both group setting and individual. I enjoyed it all, but I got to the point last year when I needed a little something more. I needed something that was going to make me reach that next level, and find a strength I didn't know I had to continue reaching my goals, while learning proper form and techniques on new exercises.  Ricky and I are two people who very much enjoy living a healthy, active lifestyle so it just seemed like the right decision to follow his lead and join Dynamic Fitness for the ESA training 8 weeks ago.  Training together has been one of our most fun adventures yet.  Ricky has always been my biggest supporter in all aspects of my life and the gym just proves that even more.  We push each other when we need that extra boost because we believe in each other and know what we are capable of.  Having that other person for the accountability is a huge plus as well.  We make each other, and our workouts, a high priority so they go well together.  I think it only makes the connection stronger to one another and date nights can be at the gym too!  I have very much enjoyed my experience with Dynamic so far.  We have met some awesome people in our training and I continually look forward to seeing them on a daily basis, it's like a family there.