Dynamic Fitness

Interview with an Athlete #HODY

We are so happy to have this young athlete part of the Eli Sport program.  Alysha Corrigan was recently named UPEI's Female Athlete of the Year.  We took a few minutes to find out a bit more about her and her motivation:

DYNAMIC: What made you want to train at Dynamic Fitness?

ALYSHA: Because I heard good things about Dave, and well obviously he knows his stuff.  I wanted to get better and faster for rugby.

D: Have you seen a difference in your performance since training at Dynamic?

A: Definitely while training, I can see a huge difference in my body. Looking forward to rugby season to see the difference in my performance on the field.

D: Besides Power Speed training you do hot yoga and Hot Athletica a lot at Dynamic fitness.  What do you think of the new infrared studio?

A: I used to do hot yoga before, not in infrared, and I felt like I was suffocating!  But in the infrared I don't at all - even while doing burpees!  And Hot Athletica... everybody should be doing that, there's no better workout!

D: Do you find improvement in your performance from doing yoga?

A: Definitely, it helps with my flexibility and the heat really increases fat burning after a session of training.

D: You train so hard, usually twice a day, what's your goal with all this hard work?

A: The goal is, realistically, to play for Canada Games and Team Cup.  That's not for six years, but it's good to prepare now, it's kinda a big goal!

With Alysha's dedication and understanding of the process, reaching that goal will be no problem!  We look forward to traveling that journey with her!