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It Means Too Much to Me Now #HODY

Alexa has been a shining presence in the studio these days!  Her enthusiastic presence and beautiful practice inspires.  If you haven't had the chance to lay your mat beside her, we recommend you seek her out next time you are in class!

Dynamic: Congratulations for being the only yogini to complete the 30Day Bingo Challenge!
Alexa: Thank you!  I have now tried a couple new classes because of it and found that I am definitely interested in ESA classes in the future!  I probably would not have tried that class otherwise.  Similarly, it helped me maintain going to yoga despite my seasonal work kicking into high gear.

D: What encouraged you to fill your Bingo card?
A: I always enjoy a challenge!  I'm working towards redeeming a Free Month with Perkville when I collect enough points!  I was encouraging to fill the rows and to see others also working to complete their cards.  I can be competitive, especially with myself.

D: How long have you been practicing yoga?
A:  I had my first ever yoga class about a year and a half ago at the studio when it was on Queen Street.  I loved it and began going daily.  Summer work paused me, but I got back into a daily routine this winter and have so far been able to balance it with work this summer season.  It means too much to me now.

D: What has changed about your practice in recent months?
A: Originally, I began with the intent to distract myself, be more active and to engage in a new focus.  Recently my goal has shifted to more exploration of yoga poses, trying my first handstand the other day, and pushing myself past the regular basic movements.

D: How would you describe your overall experience/relationship with your practice?
A: I love my practice and have found it a way to centre myself back from the busy, busy world I'm engaged in daily.  It is the moment that I remember to take care of myself so I can better take care of others.