A Beautiful Snowbird's Journey

We always look forward to springtime because we know Heather will soon be returning to PEI and to Dynamic.  In addition to delicious lunch treats for her trainers and fellow trainees, Heather brings such a warmth and calmness to the gym:

"I have been going to Dynamic Fitness for 8 years and hoping for lots more to come.
I started off by doing reformer, studio classes and spin. Four years ago Natalie had
an introduction class to ESA (Eli Sport Adult Training), I have been doing it ever since. I will have to say I was a little intimidated when I first started, but feel fine now. Great group of people and great trainers, I don't even panic now when I have Dave!  The new gym is so spacious and bright with all the windows.

I still do the reformer, who could ask for any better than Triona?! I also do some yoga,
not enough, can only spend so many hours at the gym! On my good week, I do 4 ESA
training sesions, a reformer and 3 yoga classes.

It is a great gym, very friendly and helpful staff. I feel at 61, I am in the best shape of my
life, thanks to Dynamic Fitness and hard work.

When I was carrying my paddle board down to the water today I was thinking if I wasn't
training the way I am I wouldn't be able to carry it, lots of benefits to working out.

I always look forward to coming back from Florida in the spring, seeing everybody and getting back to the gym!"


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